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Re-Globalization. New Frontiers of Political, Economic, and Social Globalization.

Re-Globalization. New Frontiers of Political, Economic, and Social Globalization.

New Frontiers of Political, Economic, and Social Globalization
Edited By Roland Benedikter, Mirjam Gruber, Ingrid Kofler
Copyright Year 2022




Mirjam Gruber, Ingrid Kofler and Roland Benedikter

1. Re-Globalization – Aspects of a Heuristic Umbrella Term Trying to Encompass Contemporary Change: An Introductory Overview

Roland Benedikter

Part 1: Economics, Politics and Society

2. Deglobalization or Reglobalization? Unmasking the Populist Paradox

Manfred B. Steger

3. Rethinking Gender and Economic Globalization in the 21st Century

Margaret A. McLaren

4. Global Civil Society and (Re)Globalization: The Latest Chapter in a Long Story

Louisa Parks and Niccolò Bertuzzi

5. Democracy and its Possible Futures in the Globalized World

Jan Spurk

6. Re-Calibrating Globalization: Policy Coordination and Regulatory Cooperation in Times of Geopolitical Shift, Technological Change, and Climate Crisis

Marc Uzan and Henning Vöpel

7. The Anthropocene Dilemma: An Ecologist’s View

Roland Psenner

Part 2: Communication, Technology and Artificial Intelligence

8. What Does the Concept of ‘Indifferent Globality’ Tell Us About the Making of the World Today?

Barrie Axford

9. All Ethics is Global: New Neuroethics in a Multipolar and Multicultural World

James Giordano and John R. Shook

10. The Pandemic, Artificial Intelligence and Algorithmic Governmentality

Romuald Jamet and Kim Truchon

11. Conspiracies and Risk Communication in Times of Global Panic

Julie Alev Dilmaç

Part 3: Global Security, Education and Work

12. Global Health Security in an Age of Re-Globalization

Kathryn E. Bouskill

13. Coronavirus Challenges in the Global World of Education

Barbara Ischinger

14. Re-Globalization and its Challenges for High-skilled Labor and its Consequences at the Regional Level

Ingrid Kofler and Mirjam Gruber

Part 4: World Regions and International Relations

15. A Matter of System? Economic Cultures and Capitalism along China's New Silk Road

Hannes Thees, Harald Pechlaner and Wei Manske-Wang

16. Can Africa Contribute to Re-Globalization?

Robert Mudida

17. The Pandemic and the Crisis in the System of International Relations

Alexey Gromyko

18. Latin America’s Challenge for the Twenty-first Century: Can Turmoil Ultimately Lead to Exemplary Reforms?

Carlos Cruz Infante