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Online Seminar by Aspen France

  • 09 июля 2020
On 9 July Alexey Gromyko, Director of the Institute of Europe, Russian Academy of Sciences, was a guest speaker at the online Seminar organized by Aspen France.

The topic of his talk was "Where does Russia stand in the aftermath of the global pandemic?". The Seminar was opened by Jean-Luc Allavena (Chairman of the Board, Institut Aspen France) and was moderated by Jean-Christophe Bas, President, Dialogue of Civilizations Research Institute.

The issues discussed were the following: How will the Covid-19 crisis exacerbate political and economic trends that predated its arrival? How can we analyze Russia's strategy and positioning between the ideological and economic poles of the United States, Europe, and China? How should we analyze the constitutional referendum in Russia and its results in the context of multiple ongoing crises? What might current social dynamics portend for Russia's future trajectory?